Impact measurement

Impact measurement is crucial for any organisation that delivers social good.

Understanding your organisation’s impact will help you to:

  • Focus your work on what really matters – accountability to your stakeholders
  • Report on the achievements of existing and future services
  • Strengthen your organisation for the longer term
  • Raise public trust and support
  • Attract social investors and grow new income streams

We have a range of impact options to help you achieve this, suitable for organisations at any point in their impact journey, from low-level mentoring advice to a full-scale impact evaluation report.

Our team is led by Level 3 Advanced Impact Practitioner Karl Leathem.

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Lead Contact

Karl Leathem

Director (Impact) - Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory
+44 (0)7766 548885
Email: Karl Leathem

Measuring and managing social impact

As an impact measurement and management consultancy, Moore Kingston Smith’s impact team works with clients to incorporate social value and its principles into everything they do. To facilitate this, we have created a framework to help organisations like yours measure and evaluate their contribution to society. You spend time and energy contributing to society but what is its actual value?

Evaluating your social impact
Our impact team will help you formulate, embed and manage your own social value practices thoroughly within your organisation as a whole. Not only will this formalise your own commitment to social value and demonstrate it to your stakeholders but also give you a clear pathway for monitoring and improving it.

Getting started
The first step is to create your own social value policy. We’ve made it easy for you and created a policy template in collaboration with Social Value UK – the national membership network for social impact. Simply download it here and let it guide you through tailoring it for your organisation.

Once you have your social value policy document, we can help you put systems and processes in place to start collecting and storing data. Then you will be ready to start analysing and measuring your impact.