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If you’re transforming your business or if you just want to see performance improvements, your overall approach to your people needs to add value.

How you attract, retain and reward people needs to bring out the behaviours and performance that will help your business meet its ambitious goals.

It’s forward-looking and firmly connects your HR to your overall business values and objectives. We’ve helped many businesses to do it and we know the impact it can have.

How HR Consultancy can help
Our flexible approach allows us to create custom solutions based on your situation. It could be help with a specific day to day issue, ongoing support, or more strategic projects. To find out more about how we can help you, speak to our team.

What our clients say
“One of the key benefits is their flexible approach to understanding the needs of different functions within the business and the challenges they may bring. The HR Consultancy team is happy to challenge local company thinking, suggesting alternative approaches when necessary, to arrive at an agreed outcome.”
David Amos, Managing Director, Zeelandia

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Employee issues

As an employer, you’re likely to have regular questions about absence and performance, or queries around contracts, maternity leave and other statutory entitlements. You might also need help with disciplinaries, grievances and redundancies.

Our employee relations consultants handle these types of queries every day. We’ve seen it all before and there’s not much that surprises us. Whether it is implementing practical processes or drafting specific documentation on your behalf, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s how we can help with employee issues:

  • We provide multiple options, considering your situation, culture and desired outcome, measuring risk appropriately;
  • We advise on relevant processes and procedures, based on how you’d like to progress a matter;
  • We compile all appropriate management guidance documents that you need;
  • We stay in touch to ensure you’re comfortable with the next steps of the process.

To find out more and to arrange a free initial conversation, please get in touch.

Due diligence/compliance

Your ability to effectively manage people matters usually starts with your contracts – so compliance and due diligence is essential to your business. Clearly setting out consistent terms and conditions, internal practices and statutory rights on day one of employment reduces the risk of employment tribunal claims.

We will review your contracts and employment policies and update them as necessary to ensure they remain compliant and fit for purpose, even if this means a full redraft. Providing you continue to engage our services, all of these documents will be updated annually.

Contentious employees

While you hope to never find yourself having to deal with a contentious employee, it’s unfortunately a common situation that can open you up to risk. If this does occur, our in-house lead employment law consultant is an ex-practising employment solicitor and barrister who can work with you on legal matters, draft settlement agreements and provide settlement discussion advice.

Employment matters that have legal implications or concerns regarding post-termination restrictions are often complex, emotional for the individual and concerning for the employer. We work with you to ease these matters as far as possible.

Management training

Understanding, organising and motivating people to work together can be challenging. We help people managers to build the necessary confidence and skills, including new managers, those about to step into a management role and those needing a refresher. Managers need to be able to communicate effectively with their team, give feedback and provide direction to accomplish or facilitate work through others.

An important aspect is performance management, where training can mean different things for different roles but always focuses on helping the manager direct and develop their team. Great performance management also includes ongoing, two-way dialogue about expectations, priorities and performance.

Our training modules are participative and designed to develop knowledge and skills, as well as getting managers to reflect on things that they don’t have time to think about in their everyday working lives. For more intensive one-to-one development needs, we have qualified coaches who run regular sessions over a longer period to enhance the learning.

Recruiting difficulties

Recruiting is a big issue for every size of business across every sector. Whatever you need help with, there is little we have not seen. Attracting candidates, agreeing salary and terms, finalising the offer, planning the onboarding process…we know the pitfalls and how to navigate them.

A strong employer brand connects your organisation’s values, people strategy and vision. We review how you can strengthen your relationship with potential employees, through effectively communicating your brand’s values, personality and culture.

Employee engagement

Listening to your employees and taking on board their feedback is good way to improve morale. Whether you carry out an employment survey or bring someone external in to hold focus groups, most employees are more willing to provide honest feedback to a third party or anonymously, so you can get honest answers to the questions you ask. Acting upon or, at the very least, acknowledging the employees’ perceptions can improve employee engagement, which, in turn, may assist the reduction of employee absences and employee relations issues, while increasing productivity and employee wellbeing.

Attracting and retaining good people

Attracting and retaining the best talent is about more than simply what you pay, it’s about your culture too. What works for one business is different for the next.

We work with all kinds of businesses that want a critical review of how they perform as an employer. Using our own tool, Talent 360, specifically designed to examine every area of your business and, working closely with you, we reveal exactly how attractive – and unattractive – you are to potential employees.

Sometimes, the results are a shock. However, we’ll work with you to develop a set of actions to get your business where you need it to be. Staying with you every step of the way, we ensure you become known as an ‘employer of choice’. You’ll soon be able to see the benefits.

Succession planning

If you want to future-proof your people structure and have a plan in place for the transition of leadership positions, we can work with you to build an effective succession plan. Should any of your senior people leave, effective succession planning means you’re not left with a gap while you recruit a replacement.

Succession planning is about understanding your key personnel risks: for example, who is the most likely to leave; which employees are the hardest to replace; who is pivotal to your organisation?

It’s more complicated than just having people waiting in the wings to step up when needed. In fact, developing employees for roles that you don’t promote them into for a while can actually have a negative effect. With our expertise, you can be confident you’ve got all bases covered.

Reward and recognition

Having an attractive benefits package is important for engaging and retaining your current employees, as well as attracting new talent to your business. We recognise that expensive employee benefits are not always financially viable.

Balancing the needs of attracting and retaining talent with your business’s financial restraints is a priority. Our salary benchmarking helps you make pay-related decisions, including hiring, promotions, internal salary adjustments and budget planning.

Salaries are likely to be the largest cost to your business. A solid understanding of the external value of each position enables you to develop an approach for setting overall salary or total compensation levels. Your people will also be reassured they are being rewarded fairly if they know that salaries are being benchmarked by an independent party.

We identify where you are already generous and what you should be emphasising, both internally and externally. We then work with you to highlight the areas that need enhancing to make the benefits package for your business more attractive. We provide you with a range of appropriate options, including low-cost and non-financial rewards.

Planning for growth

As a business planning to grow, you have a business plan to support you in achieving your objectives. Your business plan evolves as external factors affect your organisation.

Successful businesses react quickly when it comes to planning, and your people strategy should align to the business plan to reflect this. However, it’s often left to chance.

We work with you to design a people strategy that works for you, aligned to your culture and ethos. Having a people strategy helps you meet your objectives by ensuring the right people are performing at the right level in the right positions.

We review your whole HR and people strategy, looking at all areas ranging from salary, benefits and promotional opportunities, to the work-life balance employees expect and how they interact with peers and managers. This way, you only spend time and money on the initiatives that add value, from designing a new bonus structure to creating a best-in-class onboarding programme for new joiners.

Whatever your needs, you choose how you want to engage us. Our strategic HR partners can either build the strategy and leave you to it, through to providing you with longer-term support over several years. It’s your business, so you’re in the driving seat.

Video guides from our strategic HR experts

Untapping the full potential of your people enables businesses to prosper and grow. Our Strategic HR Consultants have helped multiple businesses transform their approach to their people to deliver ambitious business goals.

To help you and your business successfully navigate the path ahead, our HR experts have created a series of video guides focusing on topical issues and challenges.

Further insight can be accessed here.

I couldn’t do my job without you – you’re all so hands on and with such a quick turnaround time. I’m so appreciative that you can think outside the box.

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