Digital transformation

Our digital transformation team helps businesses realise their full potential. We’ll equip you with everything you need to thrive in the digital age and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is about more than embracing new technology. It’s about re-imagining the status-quo and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

We’ll help you leverage technology across all areas of your business and culture to meet changing market requirements.

It’ll revolutionise how you interact with your customers, how you engage your employees and how your business operates.

Our  digital transformation services include:

Our team

Our digital transformation team is a diverse group of change experts. With backgrounds ranging from accountants, auditors, engineers, UX and UI designers, automation and AI specialists, IT architects, developers and cybersecurity advisors, we all work collaboratively to help transform your business and generate lasting value.

Our approach

We’ll take the time to understand your objectives and challenges and identify your opportunities. Then we’ll create a bespoke plan for your digital transformation.

We’ll take care of the change management side of things, communicating with all teams to ensure a seamless transition, as well as providing additional support.

When it comes to delivery, our approach is collaborative. We’ll incorporate your feedback iteratively at every stage.

For maximum benefit, we leverage the partnerships we’ve developed with software and hardware providers, along with one of the world’s leading outsourcing companies.

A bespoke service

We’ll tailor our service to your specific needs. We take on all kinds of digital transformation projects, big and small.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve quick wins and can work fast to optimise your existing platforms.

But we’re equally adept at developing entire digital strategies with brand new operating systems and transformative new technologies.

Business process optimisation

We can help you drive front-to-back business transformation and power continuous improvement through business process optimisation.

We do it by assessing and streamlining your current processes using lean methodology. With our approach, you’ll adopt a customer focus and drive efficiency by reducing non-value-added tasks and minimising variability. We’ll help you work faster – and increase profitability.

Our business process optimisation services include:

  • Process mapping
  • Process re-engineering
  • Value stream mapping
  • Prioritisation matrix
  • Roadmap development

Artificial intelligence and automation

Artificial intelligence isn’t about replacing your employees. It’s about enhancing their efforts. We’ll help you leverage the latest technologies to augment human intelligence and automate mundane, non-value adding activities.

Our artificial intelligence and automation services include:

  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Cognitive computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Intelligent automation

Customer experience design

Understand and enhance your customer experience with the help of our user experience design experts.

We’ll help you find the intricate balance between what makes sense to end-users, what is technologically doable, and what is viable for you to undertake.

We use a human-centred approach to solve problems and drive innovation, bringing people together and co-creating solutions.

Our customer experience design services include:

  • Persona development
  • Customer journey maps
  • User experience chart
  • UX/UI designs
  • Wireframes/prototypes

Product innovation and development

Putting new digital products in place is a key part of digital transformation – but it can be daunting. That’s where we come in. We’ll work with you to co-create new digital products and tools based on your business needs. And we’ll take care of the end-to-end delivery, providing support throughout.

Our product innovation and development services include:

  • New product development
  • Software testing
  • Automation testing
  • Release management
  • Product maintenance

Pre-built digital solutions

Sometimes, you just want to hit the ground running. That’s where having pre-built digital solutions can help.

One of our partners, Silverskills , has developed a series of digital tools to assist with all aspects of your business, including financial statement analysis, decision making, and automating data extraction and reporting.

We can implement pre-built solutions as they are, or customise them further to suit your business needs.

Pre-built digital solutions include:

  • Application to process and analyse financial statements
  • Tool to enable auto-indexing and intelligent decisioning
  • Tool that automates data extraction and categorization
  • Incentive and loyalty program management solution
  • Data extraction tool that automates collection of financial data from accounting systems

Additionally, we work with a variety of other partners, meaning that we are not wedded to one supplier and can deliver the right solution for you.

Accounting and business software solutions

Accounting and business software can transform the way you manage your business’s finances, taking much of the admin out of the process and leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

We’re adept in implementing cloud-based systems from popular solutions like QuickBooks, Sage or Xero trough to complex ERP software, and are on-hand to provide training support once it’s all in place.

Our team take a holistic view, ensuring that your processes are optimised, the software integrates with your other systems, and you have the right infostructure and security measures in place. And, because we’re accountants, we can help you to make the most of the data generated by the system, giving you the real time information you need to make business decisions.


Do you have a robust strategy in place to protect your business against the risk of cyber attacks? With cybersecurity experts a key part of our digital transformation team, we can put a plan in place for your business.

We’ll create the cyber security strategy aligned to your digital transformation journey, conduct security assessments and readiness checks and support you and your staff through any accreditations you’d like to take.

Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Identifying security threats and risks
  • Creating cyber security strategies and plans
  • Ensuring compliance with cyber security frameworks e.g. ISO27001, Cyber Essentials
  • Testing your defences through simulated cyber attacks

Business intelligence and analytics

Data is powerful – and we harness that power. It’s never been more important to access real-time data to critically evaluate performance, anticipate trends and plan for the future.

We firmly believe that competitive advantage comes from being able to rapidly interrogate the right data to get the right information. So we’ll transform your data into actionable intelligence and use it to help you make smarter business decisions.

Our business intelligence and analytics services include:

  • Data visualization
  • Business reporting
  • KPI measurement
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Self-service business intelligence