Selling your business

For some, selling their business is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Others have been through the process multiple times. Regardless, you’ve worked hard to establish and build something of value and now you want to make sure you get the sale right.

We will help you get the deal that’s right for you. And we do that by understanding your business and your goals. We’ll start with helping to identify how much you need to sell for to fund your plans for the future. We’ll also identify what your business is currently worth and what drives its enterprise value. Next, we’ll help find the right potential buyers. Our approach is about finding buyers who offer the best strategic and cultural fit, as well as maximising value.

The process can sometimes be long and complex, but we have the experience to help you get it right, and we will be by your side throughout.

What we do:

  • Guide and support you through the entire process
  • Critically appraise and value your business, identifying what is working well and where there is opportunity to add value
  • Advise on the tax structure of your business and its stakeholders
  • Advise you on when to go to market
  • Prepare a sale pack to present to buyers highlighting the key value drivers
  • Research, screen and analyse potential buyers
  • Identify buyers who are a good strategic fit and will pay a premium price
  • Negotiate offer terms
  • Ensure the deal is structured efficiently for tax
  • Manage the diligence phase for you
  • Advise you through to deal completion

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