Royalty audit for royalty holders

Production accounts

You need an accountant who knows the world of theatre, who you can call on any time to support your production’s ongoing running. Most of the big names in lights across the West End have us on speed dial and couldn’t manage without us.

We handle your running production accounts, payroll for cast and crew, royalties, back office function and VAT. We know all about the rules of the foreign entertainers unit and whether to withhold tax. And we can translate your investment agreements into actual amounts due to investors.

Tax structuring

For larger productions or those transferring to the UK from the US, you need the correct vehicles and tax structure for incoming investment. You want to be in a position to recoup as quickly as possible, so you don’t want to be paying too much tax.

Tax structuring is complex. But we’ve been doing it for decades and know it all off by heart. And with our links to specialist lawyers and associate firms across the globe, we make sure that you are looked after both in the UK and overseas.

Theatre tax relief

We are experts in theatre tax relief, all too vital for your bottom line. We’ve been involved right from the start, working with the industry to design a scheme that has become a vital part of the funding mix.

We know exactly which bits of your expenditure are eligible and how to structure your claim to guarantee that you receive payment. And we are at the forefront of development, applying the rules to new immersive productions that are pushing the boundaries of theatre, challenging convention.


Your year-end audit comes round, well, every year but you can rest easy with us in charge. We strive to make sure you meet compliance standards.

We train our people to understand the sector; we don’t expect you to do it for us. This way, we ask the right people the right questions, saving you and your team time and minimising disruption. We take your running accounts and convert them into statutory accounts, working with your team to guarantee a process that is both efficient and timely.

Royalty audit for royalty holders

As an IP licence holder, you receive regular royalty statements to keep track of your returns. If you want to check the numbers, then you need a royalty audit. Writers, composers, directors, lighting designers, choreographers, investors…whatever your interest in royalties, you can rely on us.

We review the production’s numbers to ensure that you are getting your contractual entitlement. If you are not, we support you in putting together your claim.

Charity theatres

We have a wide range of youth, alternative and fringe theatre clients on our books who come to us for our unique combination of theatre expertise and specialist charity knowledge. Find out more about our nonprofit team here.

Personal tax

For all cast, crew and creatives out there, we can handle all your personal tax for you. Receipts, expenses, invoices, subsistence, earnings, tax returns…it’s a messy business if you don’t have a specialist theatre accountant waiting in the wings.