We are the only firm of media accountants and advisers with a dedicated office of over 100 media specialists that proactively support the extensive range of needs of independent media businesses – covering marketing services, film & TV and entertainment, theatre and CreaTech.

We know it’s not just about the numbers. As well as providing accountancy, tax and corporate finance services, over the years, by working with some of the industry’s most successful companies, we have developed a deep understanding of what drives media businesses. As your trusted advisers, we use this experience to work in partnership with you to help maximise your growth and profit potential. We conduct extensive research into industry performance every year with a view to understanding not just the benchmarking data, but also identifying what the best performers do to achieve exceptional results. Our well-developed structured approach to our strategic advisory services helps you effectively manage risks, build revenues, attract and engage people and identify key opportunities to improve performance and enterprise value.

All this means we are well placed to support you throughout the whole of your business lifecycle:

  • Start up and small businesses – let our one stop shop approach take care of all your needs, including set up, company secretarial, legal, outsourcing, payroll, accounts and tax
  • Growing and mature businesses – we can support you as your business grows with our award winning technology enabled audit approach, accounts preparation, tax compliance and advisory services such as HR Consultancy and employee incentives
  • International – we can leverage off of our membership of Moore Global (a network of accountancy and advisory firms in over 100 countries) to take the pain out of expanding into unfamiliar territories. We can co-ordinate your international audit requirements, and advise on international tax
  • Exit planning – our media specialist award winning M&A team, with hundreds of transactions under their belt, will ensure you are well prepared for any transaction and maximise the proceeds from the value you have created within your business

We have hundreds of clients across the media sector who all benefit from our very personal partner led approach, providing the very best guidance, expertise and specialist sector insights.

In short, we’re more than just media accountants who count your numbers – we’re business partners whose ambition is to help you grow your numbers so that you realise your fullest potential.

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Marketing services

As expert advisers to the marketing services sector, we look after numerous advertising, design, digital, direct marketing, market research, media planning and buying, public relations and sales promotion companies.

We understand the challenging and fast evolving landscape that agencies operate in and the constant challenges you face as technology continues to disrupt and brands desperately try to keep up with the ever changing demands of consumers. We ensure we combine both professional and commercial expertise, ensuring you get the best advice tailored for the industry you operate in. We provide an extensive range of compliance and advisory services, including audit and accountancy, tax, business outsourcing and payroll solutions as well as strategic advisory services and bespoke advice that can only come from industry experts immersed in the sector. Our extensive knowledge of the marketing services industry, and having worked with agencies of all sizes from start-ups to international groups, means we understand the challenges you face at every stage of your development and therefore we have services tailored to all of those key development stages.

Agencies are increasingly looking to expand overseas whether for opportunistic reasons or to satisfy client demands. We have helped numerous agencies to do this and draw on the expertise of the  Moore Global Network of which we are a member.

Through the data we collate in our annual survey “Financial Performance of Marketing Services Companies”  we are able to give invaluable benchmarking advice on numerous key performance indicators helping you to improve your performance.

Many of our marketing services clients (even those that say they aren’t!) are looking for an exit event at some stage. We have many years of experience of taking our clients through the sale process and thus extensive knowledge of what buyers are looking for and how deals are structured. By working as your long term partners we can ensure that when the time is right you have done all you can to maximize your sale proceeds and avoid some of the pitfalls that can put buyers off. Our Media team at Moore Kingston Smith Corporate Finance has numerous deals under its belt and also offers a wide range of other services, such as valuations, fundraising, due diligence and MBOs.

Give us a call to see how we could work with you.

Media technology

Technology and digitalisation continues to disrupt the media and creative industries at an increasing pace whether that be in marketing services, content creation, publishing, radio, TV, film, music, fashion, theatre or gaming (to name quite a few!). Innovative technology combined with smart data is being used to add services such as AI, AR, VR and UX to satisfy and enhance consumers’ experiences as they demand more value from their content and consume it over an increasing number of channels.

We understand the challenging and fast evolving landscape that media technology and CreaTech businesses operate in. We can combine both professional and commercial expertise, ensuring you get the best advice tailored for the industry you operate in. We provide an extensive range of compliance services, including audit and accountancy, tax, business outsourcing and payroll solutions as well as strategic advisory services and bespoke advice.

Many media technology and CreaTech companies may take time to deliver revenues and profits, but achieving scale quickly with first mover advantage is often key and so the right funds at the right time can be vital to unlocking your full potential. However access to finance is often a challenge and choosing between debt and equity can be difficult. We understand the fundraising landscape and can support you along your fundraising journey whether that’s early stage crowdfunding , business angels or venture capital or later stage investment such as private equity. Use of the very valuable R&D tax credits can also be a vital source of funds – we can do this for you ensuring you maximize your claim. We can also guide you through the minefield that is SEIS and EIS with their generous income tax and capital gains tax reliefs relief that help to attract a wider pool of investors ( as well as being valuable for founders!).

The desire or necessity to realise your investment at an earlier stage than non-tech businesses may mean you are looking for a pre-revenue or pre-profit exit. Our team at Moore Kingston Smith Corporate Finance has numerous deals under its belt and knows what buyers are looking for in the media technology landscape and how deals in this sector are structured. They will value your company for you, find interested buyers and support you right throughout a transaction.

Sometimes its necessary to take your business overseas to find the traction or investors that it requires – we have helped numerous businesses do this and draw on the expertise of the Moore Global Network of which we are a member to facilitate this.

Whatever stage you are at (even if it’s just an idea!) give us a call to see how we could work with you.


As specialist theatre accountants and business advisers, we know how much elbow grease as well as grease paint it takes to put on a show. This is why we are the go-to firm for theatre, both West End and regional, and hub for Broadway producers transferring shows to the UK.

Our specialist team is immersed in the sector, delivering advice tailored to the unique demands of the theatre industry. Accounts, compliance, tax, royalties, payroll queries…we can help you with all of it. Every time you raise the curtain, you can rest easy knowing you are supported by a team of theatre accountants as passionate as you are about your production’s success.

TV and film

If you are looking for an accountant and adviser who gets your business – whether you’re in production, post-production, editorial, live action or animation – look no further. Our specialist TV and film division serves the world of TV commercials, TV programmes and film. Our client black book is bursting with companies and individuals operating both behind and in front of the camera.

We act for and sponsor the main industry awards shows, such as the APA, British Arrows and Creative Circle. David Reviews regularly joins forces with us to keep you abreast of the latest news and views from ad land, including interviews with well-known directors and producers. We are also involved with the TV industry news review TellyCast, where we regularly discuss the key issues affecting the sector.

Need advice on qualifying British films? Or a point of liaison with national authorities? Or help with certifying production costs for your film or TV productions? Or assistance with preparing applications for tax credits to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport? Or guidance in making a reduced rate application to the foreign entertainers unit? Talk to us.

We are affiliated to all the major UK trade bodies. They consult us on a daily basis and engage us to run industry-focused seminars and webinars. We are a board member and treasurer for Women in Film and TV, Time’s Up UK and Animated Women. Broadcast and Televisual regularly publish our articles on tax initiatives, funding arrangements and business strategy in the current environment. For the production sector, we host regular roundtable events (physical or virtual, as appropriate) with a guest speaker, which are invariably oversubscribed.

Many of you have overseas operations or work overseas for at least some part of the year, particularly in the US. With our LA counterpart Kingston Smith Barlevi, we are the only firm with a truly bilateral capability – whether you’re going to the US from the UK or coming in the other direction.

Additionally, you can draw on the expertise of our fellow members in the wider Moore Global Network for any tax advice in territories across the globe. We lead the very active Moore Media Group, which combines media expertise from 32 offices around the world into one global knowledge forum.

TV and film industry representatives we work with can be viewed here.

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We’ve worked with Moore KS for a while and they’ve been vital to helping us grow our agency. Although our management systems are already in good shape, the new Moore KS360 workshop really helped our management team to get a clearer picture of our strengths, key improvement opportunities and where we should focus our efforts in order to better achieve our objectives. Having an expert on our sector running the workshop meant that in just a few hours we were able to turn insight into action. I’d certainly recommend this exercise to any organisation that is serious about growing its business.

Ian Henderson
CEO, AML Communications