Webinar recording: putting Environmental Social Governance (ESG) at the heart of your business strategy

10 September 2021 / Insight posted in Webinars, Enterprise series

This session proved to be lively, covering many aspects of ESG including the benefits, risks, barriers, challenges, resources, how to get started and how to report your progress. No matter where you are on your ESG journey, there’s an opportunity to make change for the better. With supply chains, investment and lending prospects on the line, putting ESG on your agenda is not only the smart thing to do for the future profitability and sustainability of your business, but for the wider good as well.

Real change must be championed from the top, but it’s critical to bring future leaders along the journey to ensure longevity and success. Whatever approach you take, it’s important to make sure that you are transparent with your stakeholders about where you are, as well as where you aim to be. Formulating an ESG strategy should be more than just a visionary exercise; it must be realistic and tailored towards your organisation’s values and purpose.

Useful resources

There are many different frameworks and reporting tools that you can choose to use depending on your circumstances. Some of the most popular are:

GRI standards

Value Reporting Network SASB standards

Climate Disclosure Standards Board framework

Value Reporting Foundation integrated reporting framework

How we can help

Having started our own ESG journey, we understand how important it is to get the right advice. We are already helping clients to get the data that they need to inform and report on their plans, as well as helping them to put a framework in place. As we move forward, we will continue to share our learnings and partner with you. Please contact your usual MKS contact or email us for more information and support.

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