Forensic investigation of electronic data

14 October 2021 / Insight posted in Brochures

In today’s environment, electronically stored information (ESI) such as emails and documents are likely to be important in an investigation. Ensuring that this data is preserved, collected forensically, secured and analysed effectively will help decide outcomes.

Our Forensics team uses advanced technology to make sure that investigations are conducted properly. Leveraging specialised investigation tools, we identify avenues of investigation, review vast amounts of data and minimise costs for clients. Our expert technical capability allows us to produce independent results that are trusted by internal and external stakeholders.

Moore Kingston Smith provides support on simple internal matters and complex civil or criminal litigation. With decades of experience in investigations, we provide expert witness testimony in cases, both written and under cross-examination in court. Our team has in-depth knowledge of all industry sectors and considerable experience of working with relevant law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Areas where we provide assistance include:

  • Preservation of evidence: we ensure that data which forms part of an investigation is protected from spoliation, either deliberate or accidental.
  • Forensic acquisition of data: maintaining the chain of custody from collection to the end of a matter, our experts extract structured and unstructured data from a vast array of devices and locations, globally.
  • Processing and review: using technology and workflow enhancements, we minimise the cost of ESI review. Leveraging an international review team, we cover standard to specialised reviews anywhere in the world.

To find out more, download our guide or click here to read more about our forensic accounting services.